Deep Sad Poetry For Girls - Darknes poetry

The best deep Sad Poetry For Girls - Darkness poetry

Sad poetry that expresses deep emotions is the best kind, and these sad love Shayari are designed to tug at your heartstrings. This sad poetry all has to do with depression, so if you're feeling like no one cares about you or that life is too dark, this post is for you.

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Deep Sad Poetry For Girls - Darknes poetry - sad mode girl pic
Deep Sad Poetry

I don't think you miss me at all.

لگتا ہے اب ہم اُس کے
وہم و گُمان سے بھی گئے!

Lagta Hai Ab Hum Usky
Waham-O-Guman Say Bhi Gaye!

Deep Sad Poetry For Girls - Darknes poetry for girls urdu english
Girl Darkness poetry

Always talked about living together,
Those who do not know mine now.

ہمیشہ ساتھ رہنے کے بات کرتا تھا،
وہ جس کو خبر نہیں اب میری!

Hamesha Sath Rehny Ki Bat Karta Tha,
Wo Jis Ko Khabar Nahi Ab Meri.
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