Deep Quotes in Urdu About Life - Urdu Sayings 2024

Deep Quotes in Urdu About Life - Urdu Saying Pictures

Will find your own Life similar Urdu sayings about life in this post, without taking names or any sources, pick up from the This Post. I have compiled Urdu poetry on life and quotes on life to inspire you and hope you are inspired by these quotes.

Let us remain in our world as long as possible without realizing that we are allowed to linger. Life is rich in colors and shades, it has songs of all melodies, expressions of different emotions, and stories of every kind. Life is worth living, and living is worth dreaming so dream big and love deep.

Deep quotes Images and videos will help you to know how your favorite stars feel about life with images. It can be a very interesting read for you.

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Deep Quotes in Urdu 

 سرد موسم میں ٹھٹھرتے ہوئے جسموں کے لیے 
 چادریں کیوں نہ مزاروں سے اٹھا لی جائیں

Sharda Mausam Ththrty Hue jismein ke liye
Chadrin Kyon Mzaro se Utha Li Jaaye...

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ہمیں سب سے زیادہ  وہ یاد رہتا ہے
جو ہم بھولنا چاہتے ہیں

Hamen sabse jyada ho Yad rahata hai
Jo Ham bohlna Chahte Hain...

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Urdu About Life Saying

زندگی بہت خوبصورت ہوتی ہیں
بشرطیکہ آپ اسے  خوف زدہ ہوکر نہ  جیئں

Zindagi bahut Khubsurat hoti hai
Basharat ke aap ise Khofzada ho Kar Na Jaiye...


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Best Sayings About Life

دوسروں کی تعمیر میں خود کو ضائع نہ کریں
آپ ان کا پہلا شکار ہو سکتے ہیں

Dusron Ki Tameer Mein Khud Ko Zaya Karen
Aap inka pahla Shikar ho sakte hain...

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