Deep Lines In Urdu - Sad Poetry 2024

The Best Deep Lines In Urdu - Sad Poetry Picture

These deep lines in Urdu are very deep for words to go in. They were written by a sad poet, You Read and Feel.

I think that this is an important step to take if you're serious about your Urdu poetry and free even of the constraints of digital format. You might also find it interesting to know that there's no better poetry reading experience than poetry in its original Urdu language.

Deep & Sad Poetry In Urdu Download Image

One of the key elements here is the friendly and conversational tone. Hopefully, this will resonate with you as someone who might be thinking along similar lines to me…

Deep Lines In Urdu - Sad Poetry Picture 2024
Deep Lines In Urdu

Mujy dekhna ha jis ne, mere haal pe na jaye... 
Mera zooq o shoq Dekhy,  mera ikhtab dekhy

مجھے دیکھنا ہے جس نے میرے حال پر نہ جاۓ 
میرا ذوق و شوق دیکھے میرا انتخاب دیکھے

We hope this piece on Sad Urdu Poetry will entertain and inspire you. Your friends in Pakistan and India would love to read this Poetry Post.
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