Deep Feelings Poetry in Urdu - Hurt feelings Shayari Urdu

Best Hurt feelings Shayari Urdu - 2 Line deep Feeling Poetry in Urdu Video-Picture And Text

Feelings are universal, but at the same time, we are different. Our feelings and emotions can be expressed in different languages ​​and different words. Here you can read about Urdu poetry. There is a large collection of Urdu WhatsApp status and Hindi status. Let your beautiful lines become a part of life.

Hurt Feelings Urdu Poetry Images And Video Status With Text SMS Urdu & Hindi

deep feelings poetry in urdu  - hurt feelings shayari urdu - Sad poetry
Deep feelings Sad Shayari

 احساس کے ترجمے نہیں ہوتے
انہیں صرف محسوس کیا جا سکتا ہے

Sunoo Janah - Urdu Poetry Images And SMS Copy-Paste


"Suno Janah "Ehsas Ki tarjmein Nahin Hote 
in Hindi sirf mehsoos Kiya Ja sakta hai.

Bhavana Shayari In Hindi SMS Copy-Paste

bhaavanaon ka anuvaad nahin kiya jaata hai
unhen sirph mahasoos kiya ja sakata hai. 

Deep Feelings Poetry Video Status Urdu And Hindi Download

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Best Deep Feelings Poetry in Urdu Video - hurt feelings Shayari Urdu #sadpoetry

Is there a language of feeling and emotion?

The feeling is something that has no language and no translation, it can only be felt by a person who has a good heart. You value people's feelings and emotions, in return, they will treat you as they are right. Read it more. 2 Lines Urdu Status Images And Videos

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