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Poetry of two lines on the (ups) and downs of life, life is a beautiful gift, and living it well becomes a blessing, life doesn't need to be spoiled by love, human beings are noble creatures, and there many ways of their ruin If life is understood as life, then another life is born.
There are many meanings of this poetry, but as it is going on in the mind and as the situation is going on, man understands the same.

Just calm down at the next turn
Let life go a little further.


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bus agale Mod per  Sukoon hoga-sad poetry
bus Agale Mod Per  Sukoon Hoga-sad poetry
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بس اگلے موڑ پر سکون ہو گا
 چل زندگی تھوڑا اور چلیں

bus agale Mod per  Sukoon hoga
chal Zindagi Thoda Aur Chale...
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