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The Best Broken Heart Shayari in Urdu Images Text Copy-Paste

In case you are looking for sad Shayari in Urdu for broken hearts to send your lover, then you will find the best heart-touching love Shayari and very sad Shayari in this post.

These broken heart Shayari in Urdu are so cute that you will struggle to cope with the tears. These Shayaris get a decent response from all of the people who read them. The major reason is that when you read the Shayari you feel the pain that the person has gone through and this your heart gets automatically filled with sorrow and regret.

Sad Poetry in Urdu Images and Pictures New Collection 2024

Broken Heart Shayari in Urdu - Girl Criying Picture
Sad Poetry in Urdu

کبھی کسی خاموشی کی چیخ و پُکار سُنی ہے 
نہیں نا پھر تم کیا جانو صبر کی حقیقت

Kabhi kisi Khamoshi Ki cheekh -O- pakka Suni Hai
Nahin na. FIR Tum Kya Jano Sabar ki Hakikat.


Broken Heart Shayari in Urdu - Sad Poetry in Urdu 2023
Broken Heart Shayari

 نہیں بھولے ہم تری وہ غیروں سے گفتگو
جلا ہے دل تبھی کرنے لگے ہم مرنے کی آرزو

Nahin Bhule wo Ham Teri gairon se guftgu
Jala Hai Dil tabhi karne lage Ham Marne Ki Aarzoo.

Best Sad POetry In Urdu New Collection 2024
Broken Poetry

تجھے قسمت سمجھ کر دل سے لگایا تھا 
بھول گیا کہ قسمت بدلتے دیر نہیں لگتی

Tujhe Kismat Samajh Kar Dil Se Lagaya Tha
Bhul gaya ki Kismat Badalte der Nahin lagti.

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We hope you enjoyed the collection of broken heart Shayari in Urdu. These Shayari are very popular among all lovers, and we have shared some extremely touching lines with you. So let’s start right away.
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