Bhul Jao Hume - Attitude Poetry For Boys 2022

The Best Attitude Poetry For Boys In Urdu Images SMS

Attitude Poetry is always the best way to express your attitude. These Attitude Online Poems can help you a lot if you have some problems and you want to say something. Copy the Attitude Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines, send it in short messages on any social media like messenger services Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc. So in this post, we have shared the best collection of Attitude Poetry Online 2 Lines, Just read it fully and enjoy the quotes and texts.

2 LinesAttitude Poetry Image SMS Copy-paste 2022

Bhul Jao Hume - Attitude Poetry For Boys 2022
Attitude Poetry For Boys

اس نے بڑے غرور سے کہا، بھول جاؤ ہمیں
ہم نے بھی کش لگا کے کہا، کون ہو تم ؟

Is-ny Bray Gror Sy Kha, Bhul Jao Hume
hum ny bee ksh lga ky kha, kon ho tum?

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