Bewafa Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines - Urdu Bawafa Shayari

The Best Bewafa Poetry in Urdu 2 lines Images DP

If you love Urdu Poetry Bawafa Shayari then your search ends here because we have shared so many amazing 2 lines of poetry SMS in Urdu. You will enjoy specially 2 lines of Shayari which have been posted by our site ( We have also uploaded some beautiful pictures and poetry quotes with pictures. I hope you like them and thank me later.

Poetry is the best way to say something because words are more emotional that is why poetry is famous all over the world. You too can benefit in this way, ease the disloyalty of your loved ones through poetry.

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Bawafai Shayari Poetry In Urdu Pictures and SMS Copy-Paste

Best Bewafa poetry in Urdu 2 lines Images DP-Download
Urdu Bawafa Poetry

Shoq-e-Wafa Na Sahi
Khof-e-Khuda To Sahi.

شوق وفا نہ سہی
خوف خدا تو رکھ

bewafa poetry in urdu 2 lines images 2022
Bawafai Shayari

Koi Tum Sa Bhi Kash Tum Ko Mile
Mudaa Hum Ko Inteqam Se Hai.

کوئی تم سا بھی کاش تم کو ملے
مدعا ہم کو انتقام سے ہے


Dukhi Bawafa Poetry In urdu Images SMS 2022
Urdu Sad Poetry Images

Wafa Ki Kon Si Manzil Pe Us Ne Chora Tha
K Wo To Yaad Humain Bhool Kar Bhi Aata Hai

وفا کی کون سی منزل پہ اس نے چھوڑا تھا
کہ وہ تو یاد ہمیں بھول کر بھی آتا ہے

Best Bewafa poetry in Urdu 2 lines Images DP-Download Copy-Paste 2022
Bewafa Poetry in Urdu

Us K Yun Tar-e-Mohabbat Ka Sabab Hoga Koi
Jee Nahi Ye Manta Wo Bewafa Pehle Se Tha

اس کے یوں ترک محبت کا سبب ہوگا کوئی
جی نہیں یہ مانتا وہ بے وفا پہلے سے تھا

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