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Awesome Urdu Poetry Photos and Text Messages consisting of two lines, send to friends through mobile and post poetry photos on a Facebook story I don't get love like Zulaikha, I don't know the name of the poet but he has written these two lines of perfection, zulaikha's love has revealed this secret, if it is Sanam Hussain then the intention changes, be sure to share with friends۔

Best Love Ishq Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines Images Text Copy

bala hatun image poetry 2024 - ishq e zulaikha poetry
Ishq Poetry Image 

In English  Ishq E Zulaikha Poetry Copy

Zulaikha's love has revealed this secret
If Sanam is sensitive then the intention changes


اردو شاعری عشق زلیخا-کاپی پیسٹ

زلیخا کے عشق نے یہ راز کھولا ہے 
صنم حسیں ہو تو نیت بدل ہی جاتی ہے

Ishq Urdu Shayari Husn e Yousaf Copy And Paste

Zulaikha Ky Ishq Ny Ya Raaz Khola Hy
Sanam Haseen Ho To Neyaat Badal oi Jati Hia.

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