Best Urdu Poetry images 2 line - Urdu Shayari 2024

The Best Urdu Poetry Images 2 lines 2024

These Sad and Love poetry 2 lines are very simple & easily understandable. We all know that the content of the poetry is mature & thought-provoking, but these pictures bring out the best in the words. Try them out for yourself and decide if you think they make a difference when reading Urdu poetryThis Post contains beautiful Urdu poetry images of some of the best poets and poets in Urdu.

2 Lines Urdu Sad And Love Poetry Images Download Copy-Text SMS

best urdu poetry images 2 line in 2024 for girls
Best Shayari in Urdu

لفظِ وفا سُنا تو تھا 
بہت ڈھونڈھا , ملا ہی نہی

Lafz wafa Suna to tha
Bahut dhundha Mila hi Nahin.

The best urdu poetry images 2 line - urdu text msm
Urdu Shayari

اُسے تو صرف بِچھڑنے کا دُکھ ، اور مُجھے
یہ غم بھی ہے وہ مُجھے یاد کر کے روۓ گا۔

Use to sirf Picharne ka dukh, aur mujhe
Yah Gam bhi hai vah mujhe Yad Karke Roe jaega.

best urdu love poetry images 2 line sms 2024
Urdu poetry

اس محبت کے عالمی دن پر
پھول تو ہیں، ترا پتہ نہیں ہے

Is Mohabbat Ke all Mein Din per 
Phool Tu Hai Tera pata nahin hai.

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