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Urdu Poetry About Parents Images - Urdu Maa Baap Poetry-Shayari

The Quotes in Urdu for (Mother-maa and Father-Baap) guardians in the Urdu language. Mother and father are one-of-a-kind gifts from Allah. May Allah Give your mom and father a long, cheerful, and sound life. 

Certain individuals lost their maa and Baap so they love their folks they miss their Maa-Baap so we have kept in touch with some Quotes for them to cause them to feel cheerful and lessen their downturn. If you love your parents, you will love this quote, so be sure to share it with your friends - Download Urdu Parents Urdu Quotes...

Best Quotes In Urdu About Parents Images And Text Copy

Best Urdu Quotes father And Mother - Best Urdu Poetry About Parents - Maa-Baap Aqwal
Poetry About Parents

والدین اور درخت دونوں بوڑھے ہوجاتے ہیں
لیکن انکی چھاؤں ہمشہ گھنی رہتے ہے

Walden aur drakght donon Budhe Ho Jaate Hain
Lekin Inki Chahun Hamesha ghar rahti hai.

Best Urdu Poetry About Parents - Urdu Maa Baap Poetry 2024
Quote About Parents

کتنے بےوقوف ہیں لوگ جو اپنے 
والدین کی خدمت کر کے دُعا نہیں لیتے
اور دوسروں سے کہتے ہیں میرے لیئے دُعا کرنا

Maa Baap Poetry Quotes In Urdu Copy-Paste

Kitne Bawaqof hote hain log Jo Apne Walden 
Ki Khidmat kar ky dua Nahin lete
Aur dusro se Kahate Hain Mere Liye Dua karna.

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