Best Love Poetry In Urdu - Masoom Nazar Bhola Mukhda

Love Poetry In Urdu - Masoom Nazar Bhola - Download Picture & Copy SMS

Two lines of love poetry The story of the beloved and his beloved in two words and in two lines, A lover speaks these words while praising his beloved Forget the innocent look, what will it really look like when it is so beautiful in the picture.

Love Shayari In Urdu Two Lines Image & Text

2 Lines Love Poetry Im Urdu - Urdu Poetry - Best Shayari

معصوم نظر بھولا مکھڑا 
انداز شباب اور شوخ ادا
تصویر کا جب یہ عالم ہے
وہ حسن مجسم کیا ہوگا..؟

Tow Lines Urdu Love Shayari Copy Poetry Text

"MASOOM" Nazar bhola mukhda andaz shabab aur shokh adaa
"TASVEER" Ka jab Ye aalam Hai wo husn e mujasam Kia Hoga.


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