Best 2 lines poetry on sakoon in urdu - Skoon Shayari Images SMS

Best 2 lines Poetry on Sakoon in Urdu - Skoon Shayari Images SMS

On our website you Will find the best 2 lines of poetry on Sakoon in Urdu - Skoon Shayari Images SMS. You will like it very much۔Peace is also a blessing.

If a person has all the wealth to give but does not have peace, then everything is useless. There must be peace in every moment of life. If there is no peace, the world will look colorless. No happy moment will feel happy unless there is peace.

Love is a palace of its own but in this palace of love, the foundations are of trust and peace. If there is peace then relationships are established. If there is no peace then hollow relationships are of no use.

Skoon Urdu Shayari In Urdu & English Copy Past SMS

Peace is wealth beyond this money is nothing. There is no color in human life without peace. Most of the people of today have become jealous who do not live in peace themselves and do not allow others to live in peace. The easiest way to find peace is to be Thankful for what God has given you. Remember Allah in every situation.

best 2 lines poetry on sakoon in urdu
Best 2 lines poetry on Sakoon in Urdu

اس کی یاد مجھے مار ہی ڈالے گی
دعا کرو کہ سکون سے مر جاؤں میں
Is Yad Mujhe Maar Hi dalegi
Dua Karo ke Sukoon Se Mar Jaon mein.

The memory of it will kill me
Pray that I may die in peace۔

best 2 lines sakoon in urdu poetry on
Best Urdu Shayari On Skoon

روح مٹی سے یا مٹی روح سے تنگ ہے
دونوں کے بیچ شاید سکون و امن کی جنگ ہے

Rooh Mitti se yah Mitti Rooh se Tang hai
Donon ke bich Shayad Sakun o Aman Ki Jang Hai.

The soul is tired of the dust or the dust is tired of the soul
There is probably a war of peace between the Two۔


sukoon shayari ghalib
2 line Shayari Urdu

ہم اس دنیا میں دُکھوں سے دُکھی نہیں ہیں 
بلکہ ایک دوسرے کے سکُون سے دُکھی ہیں۔

Hum Is Duniya Mein dukhon Se Dukhi Nahin Hai
Balke Ek dusre ke kaun se Dukhi Hain.

We are not miserable in this world
Rather, they are saddened by each other's peace.

allah sukoon quotes-aram o sukoon poetry in urdu- english poetry 2 lines
Allah Sukoon quotes

کتنا سکون دیتا ہے اُس جگہ بیٹھ کے رونا
جہاں الله کے سوا کوئی سُننے والا نہ ہو

Best Urdu Skoon Shayari 2 lines copy

Itna sukun Deta Hai is Jagah baith kar Rona
Jaha Allah Ke Siwa Koi sunane wala Nahin Ho.

How comforting it is to sit there and cry
Where there is no listener except Allah۔


sukoon e qalb poetry-Tohmat Shayari
That Shayari Urdu

 کسی مضبوط پہاڑ کا اتنا بوجھ نہیں ہوتا
 جتنا بے قصور پر تہمت لگانےکا ہوتا ہے

Kisi mazbut Pahad ka itna Bojh Nahin Hota
Jitna bekasur par tohmat Lagane ka Hota Hai.

No strong mountain carries such a heavy load
As much as slandering the innocent۔

sukoon e dil poetry in urdu
Two Line Sad Shayari On Skoon

گر سکوں چاہیے اس لمحۂ موجود میں بھی
آؤ اس لمحۂ موجود سے باہر نکلیں

Best Shayari In Urdu SMS Copy Paste


Gr Skoon chahie is Lamha Mojude mein bhi
How is Lamhe Mojod se bahar nikale.

I should be able to fall even in the present moment
Let's get out of this moment۔

2 line shayari on sukoon in urdu
Skoon Shayari Urdu

‏ٹینشن اور تناؤ والے
صورتحـال میں ‏کسی
خلوص والے بندے کے
دو بول ‏انســــان کو بہت
حد تک پر سکون بنا دیتا ہے
Kannur Thana wale Surat e HAL mein
Kisi Khalos wale Bande ke
Do bol Insan ko bahut had Tak 
Pur Skaon banaa deta hai.

Someone in the situation
Of the sincere servant
Two words a lot to the man
Makes you feel comfortable.

sukoon quotes in urdu
Sukoon quotes in Urdu

زبردستی کی محبت سے 
سکون کی دوریاں بہتر ہوتی ہیں

Jabardasti Ki Mohabbat Se
Skoon ki Dooriyan Behtar hoti hai.

By force of love
Distances of comfort are better.

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