Best 2 lines deep poetry in urdu Image and sms Copy-Paste

The Best 2 lines deep poetry in Urdu Image

Deep Poetry In Urdu is the best way to Express Our Feelings in short lines that are easy to remember. Let us share some heart-touching and thought-provoking poetry in Urdu, which describes a lot of things under one roof: emotions, feelings, love, habits, and relationship before the creator, etc.

Deep poetry in Urdu Image and SMS Copy-Paste

deep poetry - sad poetry sms in urdu 2 lines text messages
Deep Poetry images

ہم تھے، تُم تھے، کچھ جزبات بھی تو تھے
ارے چھوڑو! کچھ نہیں، الفاظ ہی تو تھے

Hum the Tum the Kuchh Jazbat bhi to The
Are Chhodo! Kuchh Nahin,  Alfaaz hi To The...!!!


Best 2 lines deep poetry in urdu Image And sms Copy-Paste
Sad poetry in Urdu

اے صدمہ فراق نہ کر ہم سے چھیڑ چھاڑ
‏تُو کس کا ناز ہے کہ تجھے بھی اُٹھائیں ہم

Ea-Sadma e Firaq Na Kar Hum Sy Ched Chad
To Kiska Naaz hai ky Tujha bhi uthaya Hum.

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