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Hello friends how are you all I hope you are well From where you can copy and paste the sayings poetry status and message? So today we are going to talk to you about a person whom you like very much and why not, he has given a lot to Urdu, Punjabi, and Pakistan. We must love him.

Now we will talk a little bit about Banu Qudsia, who she is and what she used to do, where she was born, we will tell you all this.

Banu Qudsia Pakistani was a famous woman who wrote innumerable novels and plays and her books Usul Shaari Shaari have no answer. The reason for her fame came from one of her "Novels Raja Gidh". You can visit this popular website for More About Bano Qudsia. Pakistan. web

Here we have uploaded a few excerpts from it. If you like more quotes and how to submit them, you can comment on them and we will work on it further.

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Bano Apa - Bano Qudsia Urdu Quote Collection In Urdu

bano qudsia quotes In Urdu - bano qudsia Urdu quotes 2024
Urdu Quote About Mard Aur Aurat

مرد اگر ہوس کا پجاری ہے" 
تو ایسی عورت کو بھی 
"توپ کے سامنے باندھ کراڑا دینا چاہیے

Mard Aur Aurat Bano Qudsia Quotes SMS Copy

Mard Agar Hawas Ka Pujari Hai 
To Aisi aurat ko bhi to Toop ky Samne 
bandh kar Uda Dena chahie.

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Bano Qudsia Poetry About Muhabbat In Urdu - bano Qudsia  blur Photo Background Social Media Post Style
Bano Qudsia Urdu quotes

محبت وفادار کی داستان ہوتی ہے"
  "اور بے وفا کی زندگی کا ایک معمولی واقعہ

Bano Qudsia Poetry About Muhabbat In Urdu 

Mohabbat Wafadar Ki Dastan hoti hai 
Aur Bewafa Ki Zindagi Ka Ek mamuli Waqya.

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