Badnam urdu Shayari - Sadness Poetry in urdu 2024

Badnaam Shayari in Urdu - Badnam Urdu poetry Images Text SMS Copy 2024

If you are looking for the most daring and controversial Badnam Shayari in Urdu then visit us. We have a huge list of obnoxious Badnam Shayari. You can make your mood naughty by sending a message to your loved one. This infamous poetry will bring a smile to his / her face.

People defame you and blame you for their own faults. People defame you for every mistake that they make. They even think about you in a bad fashion such that blood rushes into their hearts. Every piece of laughter turns into a tool of insult and every joke becomes a means of slander. People are like this from childhood till they become old, which leaves behind sins and an ambiguous end.

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Badnami Shayari In Urdu SMS Messages And Dp Images Download

Badnaam Shayari in Urdu 2024 is used to defame rivals to spread rumors behind their back, and sometimes it happens unknowingly.

Badnam urdu poetry image Download - badnami Shayari
Badnam Urdu poetry

اپنے وسائل کی حد تک ہر کوئی 
مجھے بدنام کرنے میں لگا ہے

Best Two Line Badnaam Shayari SMS Copy

Apne  Wsail ki Hadd Tak Har Koi
Mujhe Badnaam karne mein Laga Hai.

badnam poetry in urdu sms - Badnam Poetry Picture
Badnam Poetry in Urdu

لوگ چلے تھے ہمیں بدنام کرنے
الٹا انھوں نے ہی ہمیں مشہور کر دیا

Urdu Badnami Shayari messages Copy-Paste

Log Chalte the Hamen Badnaam karne
Ulta inho na-hi Hamen mashhur Kar Diya.


The Badnaam, Urdu poetry in English, is a bad word from the mouth of the people, who defame him. If a person does not have ill feelings for someone and Badnam against him, then he should weigh in the pros and cons of his feelings, if No cons should be found then to defame someone is wrong.

2 Lines badnam shayari in urdu Photos And 2024 SMS
badnam shayari in urdu

اچھا کرتے ہیں وہ لوگ جو اظہار نہیں کرتے
مر تو جاتے ہیں پر کسی کو بدنام نہیں کرتے

Izhar e mohabbat shayari 2 lines in urdu

Achcha Karte Hain Wo Log Jo izhaar karte
Mar Jaati Hai, per Kisi Ko Badnaam Nahin karte.

We all know that the purpose of Badnam is to defame and humiliate someone but still, some people think it is a good joke. I don’t know why they think so when they mention others' names without/her permission and make a joke out of them.

badnam log urdu poetry - Sad Poetry Image 2024
Bbadnam log Urdu poetry

عزت بنانے میں صدیاں گزر جاتی ہیں 
اور لوگ بدنام کرنے میں ذرا سی بھی دیر نہیں کرتے

Izzat Urdu poetry - Badnaam Shayari SMS Copy-Paste 2024

Izzat Banane mein Sadyaa Guzar Jaati Hai
Aur log  Badnaam karne mein, zara C Nahin karte.

Best urdu badnam poetry Images And Text Messages Copy-Paste
Badnam poetry

اگر دنیا میں رہنا ہے تو راز کسی کو مت دینا
یہ دنیا اک نقارہ ہے تجھے بدنام کر دے گی

Sad Poetry In Urdu - Badnami Poetry Message 

Agar Duniya Mein Rahana HaiTu  Raaz kisi ko mat dena
Yah Duniya Nikarah hai, Mujhe Badnaam Kar Dagi.

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