Bachpan Ki Shayari in Urdu - Childhood Quotes & Poetry 2024

Bachpan Sad Poetry in Urdu - Roman-Urdu Images About Childhood Shayari 2024

Bachpan Sad Poetry - What a precious treasure of my childhood. Once I get out of hand, I can't touch it again. And we keep remembering it, sometimes the world of remembrance is that the eyes are teary, childhood is so beautiful,

once childhood comes to mind, the heart is forced to cry, and sometimes childhood Remembering does not make us smile, because in our childhood we have done many things that make the heart happy and sometimes sad.

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Childhood beautiful memories

Childhood is a time of beautiful memories, innocent mischief, and carefree life. In childhood, one passes from the lap of grandparents to listen to the stories of the Diomalai king and queen and chases the puppets in the courtyard, and this innocent mischief puts a smile on the parents' faces The word childhood is said to consist of only four letters, but in reality, there is a golden age that is full of charms and charms.

This poetry consists of three parts.

  • First, you will see a picture in which childhood poetry is written.
  • Then the childhood memories are written in Urdu which you can easily copy.
  • And Roman Urdu at the bottom - or you can call it half English - you can copy it and send it to your friends.

Sad Poetry Images for Childhood - Dukhi Shayari in Urdu

Bachpan Sad Poetry - in Urdu - Roman-Urdu 2024
mera bachpan poetry in urdu

 اسیر پنجہ عہد شباب کر کے مجھے
 کہاں گیا میرا بچپن خراب کر کے مجھے

Aseer Panja Aade Shabab karke mujhe
Kahan gaya Mera Bachpan kharab karke mujhe 
-Bachpan poetry text in Urdu

Bachpan Shayari in Two lines in Urdu - SMS Copy

Bachpan Sad Poetry - Poetry about childhood in Urdu
Poetry about Bachpan in Urdu

 بچپن میں ہم ہی تھے یا تھا اور کوئی
 وحشت سی ہونے لگتی ہے یادوں سے

Bachpan Mein ham hi the ya tha aur koi
Vhshat Se Hone Lagti Hai Yadon se.
-Bachpan in Urdu

Bachpan ki Yaadein Poetry in Urdu Text Message

Bachpan Sad Poetry - in Urdu -Siblings' childhood love and old memories in Hindi Urdu
bachpan ki yaadein poetry in urdu text

 گاؤں کا بچپن
 میرا بچپن بھی ساتھ لے آیا 
گاؤں سے جب بھی آ گیا کوئی

Mera Bachpan bhi Sath Le Aaya
Gaon Se Jab Bhi a Gaya Koi.
-childhood poetry in Urdu

2 Lines Mera Bachpan Poetry in Urdu Copy-Paste

Bachpan Sad Poetry shayari 2024 - Childhood Devils Old Memories Poetry in Urdu
Bachpan Urdu sad poetry

اڑنے دو پرندوں کو ابھی شوخ ہوا میں
 پھر لوٹ کے بچپن کے زمانے نہیں آتے

Udane do parindon ko abhi shok Hawa Mein
Phir Laut Ke bachpan ke Zamane Nahi Aate.
-Mera bachpan essay in urdu

When I used to cry as a child, I miss my old memories very much, Urdu poetry - Bachpan Sad Poetry
Bachpan Shayri In Urdu

 میرے رونے کا جس میں قصہ ہے
 عمر کا بہترین حصہ ہے

Bachpan Shayari in Two Lines in Urdu

Bachpan sad poetry 2024
Childhood beautiful memories

Mere Rone ka jismein  kissa hai
Umra ka behtarin hissa hai,bachpan poetry.
-bachpan ki yaadein poetry in urdu
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