A Zindagi Itni Baad Slokiyan - Sad Poetry In Urdu

 A Zindagi Itni Baad Slokiyan-sad Urdu poetry 

This is the poetry when man despairs the most, except his Lord. Life is like the clouds of the monsoon, the direction can change at any time, and such a person should be steadfast, there are many poems based on life, but in all of them it seems the best, what is your opinion we must Tell us, so we can find the poetry you need.

a Zindagi Itni Baad slokiyan-sad urdu poetry 2024
a Zindagi Itni Baad Slokiyan-sad Urdu poetry

اے زندگی اتنی بدسلوکیاں
ہم کونسا بار بار آئیں گے

A Zindagi Itni Baad slokiyan
Ham kaunsa Bar Bar aaenge.

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