2-lines Love Poetry In Urdu - Shayari For Love

Two Lines Love Poetry In Urdu - Shayari For Love

Shayari is a kind of popular poetry in Hindi and Urdu. So do you want to read some love Shayari for her? Or do you want to share some lovely Love Shayari with him/her?

The Best Amazing Love Poetry In Urdu Images SMS Cop[y-Paste

The humble beauty of love has been captured in a variety of Urdu literature and poetry. With this article, you will be able to read some amazing love poetry in Urdu which is full of true feelings and passion.

2-lines Love Poetry In Urdu - Shayari For Love Image
Amazing Love Poetry

 اس کی گلی کی طرف جاتی ہوئے
 ہر بارات  سے ڈر لگتا ہے مجھے

Ishq Ki Gali Ki Taraf Jaati Hui
Har Barat Se Dar Lagta Hai Mujhe.

Love Poetry In Urdu 2024
2 Lines Love Poetry

 شوق سے کھا رہا ہے عشق مجھے
 ذائقہ دار ہو گیا ہوں میں

Shauk Se Kha Raha Hai Ishq Mujhe
Zayake-dar Ho Gaya Hun Main.

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