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Sad Poetry in Urdu - Dukhi Shayari Akhri Mulaqat - Judai

Friends, the topic of our today's post is separation "Judai", last meeting "Aakhri Mulaqat", and loneliness "Tanhai", which you will like.

Poetry is a great source of inspiration. It strengthens our emotions, it makes us happy when we are down and it also helps to reach out to someone who may not have the same feelings and emotions as you. Many great poets from around the world have written poems. Poetry has no boundaries and is easy to understand. 

I hope you enjoy our last collection of Sad Poetry in Urdu 2024. Today we posted sad poetry on the last day of the year. Think of it as the last sorrow of this year, and be happy.

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Judai Poetry in Urdu 2 lines Images And Text SMS Copy-Paste

2 Lines Sad Poetry - Aakhri Mulaqat - In Urdu Image - backgroung Mask on the girl's face a little dark photo
Aakhri Mulaqat Urdu Poetry

 آخری ملاقات
جب آخری ملاقات ھوتو ہنس کر دیکھ لینامجھے
کیاپتہ اگلی بار
"کفن میں دیکھو اور تم ہنس بھی نہ پاؤ"

Sad Poetry Aakhri Mulaqat - In Urdu Copy-paste

Aakhri Mulaqat

Jab Aakhri Mulakat Ho To Hans Kar Dekh Lena Mujhe,
Kya Pata Agli Baar,
Kafan Mein Dekho aur tum Hans Bhi Na Payoo.

See the pain of separation from my point of view.

It is my view that no one dies from separation but the human heart is softened and he treats other human beings with compassion.

But it is also a fact that the pain of separation shakes a person from within. Sometimes it becomes painful and the person is unable to bear it, and then the thought of suicide comes to the mind of the person and people even commit suicide. 

This pain can only be felt by someone who has lost a loved one. Farewell to a loved one or separated from a close loved one, Allah guides His servants, otherwise what would have happened in this world, because world There is talk of extinction in almost every person's life


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judai sad poetry in urdu images - Lonely sad man dark photo Poetry Background 2024
Best Judai sad poetry in Urdu

وصل میں رنگ اڑ گیا میرا 
 کیا جدائی کو منہ دکھاؤں گا

Best Judai Shayari In Urdu SMS Copy&Paste

Wasl Mein Rang Ud Gaya Mera
Kya Judai Ka more dekhayoga.

Love is a word that everyone knows, everyone knows what love is, but the meaning of love is known to somebody, and the one who knows, stays sincere with his beloved without any meaning, pure There are many troubles in love but man must remain sincere no matter how many troubles come.


This is the love of today, I am not talking about it anymore, love is the meeting of two souls and not of bodies if you intend or do pure love for someone, even by him. Don't worry, he does the same to you, we walk in the magic of love, and there comes a destination like we say separation.

 This is the destination on which love is tested. There are some people who do not tire of love but as soon as there is separation they find another partner.
 There are some people who turn their hair white in love but don't even look at anyone else, hope you understand.

judai poetry in urdu images - Dukhi Shayari Urdu 2022- Background photo of the beautiful girl poetry peeking out of the window of the old house
Judai poetry in Urdu images

تیرے جانے کے بعد بدلا ہے 
 ورنہ بالوں کا رنگ تو کالا تھا

Tere Jaane Ke bad Badla hai
Warna baloon Ka Rang Tu Kala tha.

The last words of this post should be read.

Thank you so much for reading all this, be sure to share it with all your friends so that they too can know about the separation, and can post the status of this sad poetry on their Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. If you disagree with any of the above, feel free to talk to us, so that we can answer you. thanks so much...

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