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The Best 2 lines Punjabi Sad Shayari Image

To describe my relationship with this sad poetry is something difficult to do. love Punjabi sad Shayari are really enjoyable for those who use them in the mind of the pain and grief that is going on in the world. The idea of friendship, love, and relationship is a powerful thought.

Punjabi & language Pakistan-India Punjab

Punjabi is a language spoken by the people of Pakistan And India Punjab Punjabi. It is also known as Punjabi and Panjabi. The Punjabi language has got lots of affection, sympathy, love, and passion in it. Punjabi poetry is famous not just in India but around the world too. 

The poems written in Punjabi are so pleasant to the ears that they can melt your heart at the first look and there’s nothing that you can resist after hearing these beautiful lines penned down in such a fine manner. Some great words spoken with no rhyme or reason are enough to touch your heart and make you feel happy as if all your happiness has gathered in one place to stay forever with you. 

Punjabi Sad Poetry Images And Punjabi Video SMS Urdu Copy-Paste

We have collected some best Punjabi Sad Shayari for you guys which have been cherry-picked for their beauty and beaten for you. These lines speak about the cruel nature of life, sadness, grief, and sometimes tragedy too. You’d return here, again and again, trying to get different feelings from those beautiful lines. Read it more. Punjabi Status Photos

2 lines punjabi sad shayari Image - Punjabi poetry Post - In Urdu - sharepoetry.live
Punjabi Poetry Post

شالا سجناں بغیرناں شام آوے
ہوندا ویلا موت توں گھٹ نئیں۔

Shala Sajna bagar na Shaam Aave
Houda Wealah moout to ghat ni...

This Punjabi poetry means, it becomes very difficult to live without the beloved, never come evening without the beloved because of the season to live without it.

2 lines punjabi sad shayari Image - Punjabi poetry Post 2022
Punjabi sad Shayari Image

ربا آپ ہٹاساڈی غربت نوں
بندے چھوڑ سلام دعا گئے نئ

Punjabi poetry on poverty Copy-Paste SMS

Rabba aap Hata Sadi gurbat no
Bandaa chod Salam Dua gay Na

O my lord, take away our poverty, for your servants have turned away from us, seeing our poverty.


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