2 Line Urdu Poetry Pictures - Sad Shayari in Urdu 2 Lines Text

Sad Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines Text - Two Line Urdu Poetry Images Collection

We share the most beautiful Urdu poetry with you, you can find here the most beautiful Urdu poetry for love, sad poetry, Urdu poetry with images,  Urdu beautiful sad poetry about love, best short sad nice poetry Urdu, sad love failure in Urdu famous poetry, love failure Poetry in Hindi and Urdu language.  

Poetry of helplessness, separation, meet like rivers, and sad nights in the Urdu language with images. The poet has so deeply reflected upon relationships, friendship, and love in his poetry. He has also outlined his own thoughts about love, love failure, struggles for love, heartbroken, the sound of breaking heart. If you read the 

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Entire Shayari, it will be a good experience for your mind. Hopes give us a lot of strength to stand erect. but if hopes break that becomes too dangerous for life, the mangoes near about to die or he becomes a living corpse.

Zakham Shayari Image - Zakham Poetry SMS
Zakham Shayari Image

مجھے وہ زخم مت دینا 
دوا جس کی محبت ہو

Two Lines Poetry In Urdu SMS Copy

Mujhe Wo Zakhm mat dena
Dawa Jis Ki Mohabbat Ho.

best love poetry in urdu - Urdu shayari image
best love poetry in Urdu

اُسی دریا دِلی سے آ مِلو نا 
جیسے جہلم چناب ملتے ہیں

Urdu Romantic Shayari Message Copy easy

Usi Dariya Deli se aa Milo
Jaise Jhelum Chenab Milte Hain.

udasi shayari in urdu 2 lines - best sad poetry
udasi shayari in urdu 2 lines

اداس راتوں کو دیکھ کر 
مجھے محبت پہ ترس آتا ہے


Udasi 2 Lines SMS Poetry Copy And Paste

Udaas Raaton Ko Dekhkar
Mujhe Mohabbat Ko Taras Aata Hai.

2 Line Ishq Poetry - Best Ishq Shayari in Urdu
2 Line Ishq Poetry Image

مجھے بس عشق ہے 
کوئی امید نہیں تم سے

Ishq Poetry SMS Urdu Message Copy

Mujhe Bas Ishq Hai
Koi ummid Nahin Tumse.

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